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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get your Register of Appointments Authenticated

School authorities are to keep in mind that Register of Appointment shall be authenticated by the competent authority in order to filling up a vacancy.

As huge no. of additional posts have been sanctioned by the Govt. they should keep ready the  Register of Appointment by presenting it before the concerned authority for authentication.


Please remember that no Prior Permission will be accorded for filling up the New additiobnal posts unless the  the  Register of Appointment is authenticated by the competent authority. Please pass this information to respective Headmasters of the schools which have been bagged the Addl Posts.

New 100 Point Roster of Vacancies

New Model 100-point roster incorporating reservation for SC, ST, OBC-A, OBC-B, EC Category, Persons with Disabilities, Ex-Servicemen and Meritorious Sportsperson  published vide G.O. No. 50 Emp dated 01-03-2012.

Click Here To Download

Observance of the rules of reservation of the W.B. SC, ST & OBC applicable for the Govt. / Non-Govt. aided schools

Inspection will be carried out at the Educational Institutions to see whether any violation in Reservation Policy took place or not. Educational Institutions are therefore very careful while filling up the vacancy roaster!

Observance of the rules of reservation of the W.B. SC, ST & OBC applicable for the Govt. / Non-Govt. aided schools, colleges and other educational institutions in this State.

Address of BCWO, Asansol

Asansol BCWO addressed has been changed

Click here to See Order

Infrastructure Grant for Schools under Asansol Sub Division

Out of 2,00,00,000/- allotment , DI is pleased to sub allot Rs 32,78,788.00 on 30-03-2012 for purcahse of FURNITURE etc for STUDENTS of schools under Asansol Sub Div.

The amount as sanctioned will be credited to the respective salary accounts of schools within 1st week of April . Please check it out

Amount Released will be uploaded here on Tuesday next! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Implementation of ICT & Schools Project

The Personnel of IL & F.S. Education and Technology Limited Service is now making a survey works for implementation of ICT & Schools Project with a view to install 10 Computer System, Projector Internet connection. For this purpose Govt has sanctioned 72.72 lac for 2000 schools in West Bengal.

Please cooperate them.

For Asansol SubDivision :

Asansol Arunodoy High School High
Asansol Chelidanga High School H.S.
Asansol Gurunanak Mission High School High
Asansol Monimala Girls' High School H.S.
Asansol Rabbania Girls' High School (Urdu) High
Barakar Adarsh Vidyalaya H.S.
Barakar Sree Marwari Vidyalaya H.S.
Begunia High School H.S.
Bogra VM High School H.S.
Burnpur A Vidyalaya (Rambandh) High
Chittaranjan Kasturbagandhi High School High
Chowalal Madyamik Vidyalaya High
Ethora S C Institution H.S.
Kabititha Churulia Nazrul Vidyapith High
Kulti High School (Morning) High
Mohisila Govt. Colony High School H.S.
Mohisila Nonigopal Roy S. Balika Vidyaniketan High
Narsamuda J.S. High School High
Raniganj Urdu  High School H.S.
Rati Bati Hindi High School High
Sailabala Balika Vidyalaya High
Sanctoria Disergarh High School High
Sodepur Colliery High School H.S.
Sri Benali CKCT High School High
Sri Guru Nanak Vidyalaya High
Sripur Girls' High School High
Sripur High School H.S.
Hindusthan cable for Girls'

Hindusthan Cable High
Chittaranjan Deshbandhu
Agabegh Municipal
Burnpur Girls. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Communication Technology (ICT) in Schools under BOOT Model. ISSUED ... (On behalf of Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal tender

 Communication Technology (ICT) in Schools under BOOT Model. ISSUED ... On behalf of Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal





39510 new Addl Posts have been sanctioned by the Govt.

Vide notification no 394 dated 28-2-12 the govt has sanctioned 39510 new posts for the secondary schools in the state of west bengal!
Amazing work!
Click Here To Download the Notification
~Click on District to Download District Wise Detail~

Dakshin Dinajpur
North 24 Pgs
Paschim Medinipur
Purba Medinipur
South 24 Pgs
Uttar Dinajpu

Specially for Asansol Sub Division Addl Post Sanctioned

Some 377 new posts have been sanctioned vide Notification No. 394-SE(S)/1A-01/2009(Pt.) dated 28-2-2012 for Asansol Sub Division.
For the District of Burdwan Click Here

No POST is sanctioned in case of DURGAPUR SUB DIVISION - Reasons not known!!!!

Rahamatnagar High School (Urdu)
Bari Vidyalaya High (Hindi) 4
Burnpur Sri Guru Nanak Girls' High School 4
Rambandh Adarsha Vidyalaya for Girls' High 6
Asansol Arunodoy High School 3
Asansol Gurunanak Mission High School 1
Asansol Dayanand Anglo Vedic High School 2
Kalla Haripada High School 3
Rahmania High (+2) School (Urdu) 14
Hazi Quadam Rasul High School 40
Balbodhan Vidyalaya High School 12
Chowalal Madyamik Vidyalaya 10
Guru Nanak Mission Girls' Hindi Jr. High School 1
Mahatma Gandhi High School 4
Asansol Arya Kanya Uchcha Vidyalaya 15
St. Mary Goretti Girls' High School 30
Raniganj M S Vidyalaya 5
Raniganj Sri Durga Vidyalaya 3
Raniganj Urdu  High School 2
Anjuman Urdu Girls' High School 10
Basanti Devi Goenka Vidyamandir 32
Searsol Girls' High School 1
Ballavpur RGS Vidyapith 1
Jaykenagar High School 16
Achra J Institution 7
Kalyaneswari High School 4
Chittaranjan Kasturbagandhi High School 1
Gourangdi RKS Institution 12
Domohani Kelejora Girls' High School 2
Jamgram Anchalik High School 1
Bahadurpur High School 2
Parasea Colliery High School 4
Sailabala Balika Vidyalaya 1
Rajpur Nandi High School (HS) 6
Sripurhat High School (Hindi) 17
Boringdanga High School 1
Sri Benali CKCT High School 1
Jamuria Balika Vidyalaya 3
Kendwa High School (Hindi) 2
Narayan Dangal RV High School 26
Jaladhi Kumari Devi U Balika Vidyalaya 1
Smt Jaradevi Balika Vidyalaya 1
Kulti Hindi Balika Vidyalaya 9
Kulti Millaturdu Girls' High School 3
Sodepur Colliery High School 35
Ranisayer Hindi Jr. High School 1
Kazi Nazrul Islam Urdu Jr High School 6

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Teacher Can Pursue B,Ed from IGNOU

G.O. No 113 dated 29-01-2009 which enabled the untrained teachers to pursue B.Ed from IGNOU is being uploaded here as per request of Krishna Ghosh Moulic!

Thank You!

Click Here to download the G.O. 113 dated 29-01-2009

How does the DPPG improve the Pension tracking for WB school teachers

Please post your valuable suggestion after reading the article:

" Pension tracking for WB school teachers
Retired school teachers in West Bengal can check the status of their pension files at banglarmukh.com
abhirup bhunia | Kolkata | January 20 2012

Early last year, the Left Front government in West Bengal launched an online platform for pensioners to check the status of their retirement funds. Since then, retired schoolteachers across Bengal have been keeping track of their pension status over the internet.

Bipin Roychowdhury, a beneficiary, says, “This is a good platform and helps several retired teachers like me in tracking pension details.”

The delivery system in West Bengal is known to be slow and inefficient. But this electronic service, which is part of a larger e-governance initiative, has rallied round. While banglarmukh.com acts as the face of the government, wbfin.gov.in, the finance department portal, offers specific e-services including pension and COSA (computerisation of salary accounts), an integrated database for state government employees.

The Left Front days saw a vast number of cases of pensions delayed and denied. Soon after coming to power in the state, chief minister Mamata Banerjee took the lead in framing policies fo0r disbursal of pension to schoolteachers in a fast and efficient manner. “The government is making an effort to expedite pensions,” state education minister, Bratya Basu said recently.

Read More>>

Do you think that Performance pay for Teachers will work for better

Performance pay for teachers is frequently suggested as a way of improving education outcomes in schools, but the theoretical predictions regarding its effectiveness are ambiguous and the empirical evidence to date is limited and mixed. We present results from a randomized evaluation of a teacher incentive program implemented across a large representative sample of government-run rural primary schools in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The program provided bonus payments to teachers based on the average improvement of their students' test scores in independently administered learning assessments (with a mean bonus of 3% of annual pay). At the end of two years of the program, students in incentive schools performed significantly better than those in control schools by 0.27 and 0.17 standard deviations in math and language tests respectively. Students in incentive schools also performed better on subjects for which there were no incentives, suggesting positive spillovers. Group and individual incentive schools performed equally well in the first year of the program, but the individual incentive schools outperformed at the end of two years. Incentive schools performed significantly better than other randomly-chosen schools that received additional schooling inputs of a similar value.

Read More>>

Thursday, March 22, 2012

West Bengal Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules, 2012

The Govt of West Bengal formulated the norms for min & max admission age for different classes
Formation of SMC in case of primary schools.

Click here to see or download

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Result of NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION(STATE LEVEL), 2012 FOR CLASS VIII has been published. You need your Roll No to see your result.

Click here then click on to see your result " Result of NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION(STATE LEVEL), 2012 FOR CLASS VIII"

Monday, March 19, 2012

Allotment at the disposal Secretary, DSSA for Training Camps

Allotment has been made by the Department for long term improvement of Games (Hockey, Football etc), by organizing Training Camps by the District School Sports Association for the district of Nadia, Howrah, Pash Medinipur, Dakshin Dinajpur, South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas, North Kolkata, Purba Medinipur, Bankura, Purulia

Click Here To See the Amount of Fund Alloted to Your District

Some Leave Rules that are necessary

77/2 Park Street, Kolkata - 16

No: Kol- 2327/04/G                                                                                                                           dated 11.06.04

To:          The Headmaster , B.T. Road Govt. Sponsored H.S. School, 35/2 B.T. Road, Kolkata - 2
Re:           Sanction of leave in favour of Smt. Bijoysree Chakraborty, Ex-Asst Teacher.


I am directed to inform you that any teacher absenting himself or herself from the school on medical ground in his/her first year of service, can be granted medical leave with/without pay by the Managing Committee and the said leave shall be adjusted to the medical leave which will be acrued to his/her credit in subsequent period of his or her service in terms of office circular No. S/435B dated 6.6.01

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Sd/- illegible
For Secretary

77/2 Park Street, Kolkata - 16

Circular No: Kol- S/435B                                                                                                                                  dated 06.06.01

To: The Heads of all Recognised Secondary Schools.
Re: Clarification of certain points of Leave Rules

" In partial modification of this Office Circular no. 8417/G dated 7.11.81 and pusuant to the decision of the Executive Committee of the Board, it is clarified that teachers appointed to additional posts after confirmation to the regular posts will be entitled to the benefit of leave accrued during the pendency period of confirmation."

Sd/- Pradyot Kumar Halder


No. 8417/G Date: 7.11.81

Sub.: Clarification on certain points of Leave Rules.
1. Whether a teacher or a non-teaching employee of a school appointed in the additional post (sanctioned for two years), Leave Vacancy and Deputation Vacancy can be allowed to enjoy Medical Leave?
1. Excepting Casual leave, no other leave is admissible to a staff of the school till the said post is declared on permanent basis by the competent authority
2. Whether a staff of the school can be allowed to enjoy his/ her medical leave with full pay before earning of his/ her said leave for each completed year of service?
2. No.

3. Whether a staff of the school can be allowed to enjoy his/ her Medical leave partially or proportionately within his/ her first year of service in cases of new appointment on permanent/ Additional/ Deputation/ Leave Vacancy?
3. No.

4. Whether the term ‘each completed year of service’ be ignored in cases of approved permanent staff of the school?
4. No
5.Whether the Headmaster of the school is competent enough to grant Medical leave below four days to a staff of the school when Medical Certificate thereof is not essential?
5. No.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Some of my friends are asking me to upload this format. Some are complaining that they do not like pdf format as they have to type the same for their use (as they do not use pdf converter). So I upload both the formats one pdf other in editable (.xls) format (applicable for Teaching and No-Teaching staff of aided schools)

Click here Editable Format .xls

Click here for pdf format (69kb)

Gradation System that has been introduced since HS 2011

All of you know that gradation system has been introduced by the HS council since.

here is the order that introduced the system : Click here Read It

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Nice and effective e-Governance initiated by DI (Primary) Uttar Dinajpur

They uploaded the memo no. of pension cases of their teachers that are sent to DPPG in the month  of Feb 2012. An attempt to minimize the public harassment. Hats off to them!

Click here to Check out if your name is there

Friday, March 16, 2012


In response to a request in this blog the Govt Orders related to the Recruitment of AHM in secondary schools is uploaded her for your reference!

Thanks to Mr. Mayukh!

To download Govt Order No. 1628 dated 10-07-2002 & 999 dated 10/4/2003, Click Here

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Process for Inspecting Evaluated Answer Script or having photocopy for HS Exam 2012 onwards

The competent authority of the West Bengal Council of HS Education has decided to allow a candidate to inspect his evaluated answer scripts (EAS) or to provide a certified copy of his evaluated Answer Scripts if applied for under RTI Act within 100 days from the Date of Publication of result of HS in a particular year. 

One has to apply under the provision of RTI act 2005 to the Deputy Secretary of the concerned regional office designated as  the SPIO, under whose jurisdiction the school is situated.

On receipt of acknowledgement letter from the concerned RO, the candidate has to deposit 500/- per EAS through Bank Draft / Pay order in favour of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education payable at the place of concerned RO viz KOLKATA / Burdwan / Midnapore / Siliguri at it's cash counter towards processing fee. Fee will be exempted for BPL card holder students provided they submit proper certificate.

Students applied for evaluated AS will not be allowed for PPS/PPR. However they would apply after PPS/PPR within 100 days from the date of publication of Result.

Question of Invigilation duty by Contact / Para Teachers in HS EXAM

"18.  Engagement of Invigilators :

Teachers of institutions selected as Venues shall be appointed Invigilators be the Centre-in-Charge in consultation with the Head of institutions selected as Venues. No Nonteaching staff or outsider should be engaged as Invigilators. The Centre-in-Charge shall record the names, designations and address of the invigilators and send a copy of the same to the Deputy Secretary of the respective regional office

The CiC shall issue in writing a broad outline of the duties of the Invigilators for smooth conduct of the Examination in the Centre"

Hence as per DS(EXam)/45/11 dated 13-10-11 no bar has been set for the PARA TEACHERS, CONTACT TEACHERS. The only condition to be an invigilator is a TEACHER of the Venue School! It has not mentioned ASST TEACHER, the actual designation of teaching staff of a school. The CIRCULAR mentions TEACHER (in my opinion - PARA TEACHERs/ CONTACTTEACHERs are also TEACHERs of the Venue school)

In my opinion there is nothing in the " DETAILED GUIDLINES FOR CONDUCTING HIGHER SECONDARY EXAM 2012" bearing memo no.  DS(EXam)/45/11 dated 13-10-11 for which a PARA TEACHER / CONTACT TEACHER could  be deprived of his invigilation duty

For MP Exam PARA TAECHERS are specifically kept out of such duty. 

Do you agree????? 

Friday, March 09, 2012

HS Examination Result - WBCROS 2011

ENTRIES INVITED for National Award for teachers for use of ICT in education

Application in enclosed proforma are invited by NCERT from the school where a teacher is seemed to be a deserving candidate for this award for introducing or exploiting IT for his lessons. Last date of such submission of such application to the Director of School education at Bikash Bhawan Salt lake kolkata 31st MARCH 2012. 

Hurry up to set examples to your counterparts.

Click here for Details & forms

Monday, March 05, 2012

9th Mar is a Holiday for Primary Schools under DPSC, UD

The Chairman, Uttar Dinajpur DPSC has declared 9th Mar a Holiday in addition to 8th due to DOLYATRA.

Congrats to the Teachers of Primary Schools under Uttar Dinajpur DPSC.

Read the Order Here

Saturday, March 03, 2012


In February 2012, two of my known teachers have passed away due to severe cardiac arrest. The shocked family members of the deceased teachers asked me to know how to apply for service on compassionate ground. I handed over the formats to them and subsequently decided to upload the same for the netizens and their known families so that they shall not grope it here and there.

Please hand over a copy of the formats to those family members you know.

Format for Service on Compassionate Ground to be used by School along with the documentation

Format for Service on Compassionate Ground to be used by District Inspector Office.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Model Staff Pattern for HS School

Staff Pattern is the mirror of the school's academic support It should have every detail related to Pattern of School's Teaching Staff as per relevant Govt Orders, but most of the schools do not follow the Staff Pattern in proper way. Here is an example of a Model Staff Pattern which is clearly reflect staff pattern of any school at a glance.

Click Here To Download

<82 kb>

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Absentee Statement for 28-02-2012 Bandh

Government of West Bengal
Home Department

From:   C Chakraborty
            Joint Secretary to the Govt. Of West Bengal

To:       The District Magistrate

            __(All) ______________District

No. 316(18) –P.S.                                                       Dated Kolkata the 29.02.2012

Sub:     Absentee Statement for 28.02.2012

With reference to this Departments’ Memo no 284(60)-P.S. dated 21.02.2012 the undersigned is directed to request that an absentee statement of offices under his control in the following pro-forma be sent to this Department by fax (2214-5300 & 2214-3001) or by special messenger positively by 5-00 PM tomorrow.

Group A Officer:

Full Name  

Group B Officer & Staff:

Full Name  

Group C Staff:

Full Name  

Group D Staff:

Full Name  

Jt Secretary

Child Adoption Leave for Teachers Amended

Sanctioned vide G.O. no.  421-SE(S)/2L-01/2011, Date – 29/02/2012

 In the appendix to the said rules, insert following sub-rule after sub-rule (4) of rule 8:-
5) A female employee having less than two surviving children shall be entitled to child adoption leave of 135 days with full pay if she adopts a child less than 1 year of age. The female employee may avail herself of any kind of leave as may be due and admissible for a period upto one year or till the child is one (1) year old, whichever is earlier”,
(b) In rule 12, insert the following sub-rule after sub-rule 5:-
“(6) Child Adoption Leave.”

Click here to download the order

Earlier Order in respect to Child Adoption Leave Click Here to Download