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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Conversion of Administrative Status of the Aided Schools in West Bengal

After going through the said notification it has come to my notice that the schools under DDO (where there is no Administrator/ MC due to non-legal reasons) shall loose this chance to opt their administrative status as it is not clear who is to sign in Annexure - II in place of President & Secretary/ Administrator?

Awarnes Camp for Conversion of Administrative Status of Schools

An awarenes camp is going to be organised by ADI of Schools Asansol at DAYANAND VIDYALAYA on 11-04-2013 at 13:00 hrs to orient all school regarding procedure & MR 72

All Heads of Institution under Asansol Sub Division are requested to atend the meeting.
Representation of HM is discouraged.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Conversion of Aided to Sponsored Institution

Basic Difference between Aided Institution & Sponsored lies in the composition of MC.

Composition of MC for Spons ( Based on Memory)
  1. One President nominated by Department
  2. One Secretary nominated by Department
  3. Two PIE nominated by Govt
  4. One Medical Practitioner of the locality
  5. One Departmental Nominee
  6. Head of Institution
  7. 3 Teacher Rep & 1 NTR to be elected amongst themselves

Composition of MC of Aided 
  1. 6 GR elected
  2. 1 PIE/Panchayet Nominee
  3. HoI
  4. 3 TR & 1 NTR
  5. 1 DN
  6. Founder & Donor Member , if any

Additional CL

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Conversion of Aided schools into Sponsored Schools - Expression of Interest

The Govt of WB has asked all aided school authorities to exercise option to convert the Schools into sponsored schools within 30-04-2013 date of publication of the Notification being 01-04-2013

The MC shall have to adopt resolution in a meeting convened to discuss such issue that must be within 30-04-2012 that means meeting shall be convened within 23.4.2013.

For School Authorities

Convene a Meeting.

Hold Meeting within 30-04-13.

Adopt Resolution as per Annexure – I

Submit option as per Annexure – II.

Submission shall be within  30-04-13.
Formation of MC within 180 days from the date of conversion or subsequently prescribed further time period, as the case may be as per M R 1972

For District authorities…
         Consider Validity of Option.
         Prepare List Block Wise/Subdivision Wise
         Submit Within 45 days i.e. 15-05-2013
         Prepare List District Wise .
         Submit Within 60 days i.e.30-05-2013
         Submission to Education Deptt.
For Department
         Forward the List to West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.
         No Time Limit.
The WBBSE shall
Issue Altered Memo of Recognition to such schools with valid options
         The Government will not be forced to be responsible

        Infrastructure support, maintaining PTR etc
        stoppage of grant-in-aid
        Withdrawal of approved teaching and non-teaching staff.

For willing schools FUND OF RMSA!!!!!