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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Question of Invigilation duty by Contact / Para Teachers in HS EXAM

"18.  Engagement of Invigilators :

Teachers of institutions selected as Venues shall be appointed Invigilators be the Centre-in-Charge in consultation with the Head of institutions selected as Venues. No Nonteaching staff or outsider should be engaged as Invigilators. The Centre-in-Charge shall record the names, designations and address of the invigilators and send a copy of the same to the Deputy Secretary of the respective regional office

The CiC shall issue in writing a broad outline of the duties of the Invigilators for smooth conduct of the Examination in the Centre"

Hence as per DS(EXam)/45/11 dated 13-10-11 no bar has been set for the PARA TEACHERS, CONTACT TEACHERS. The only condition to be an invigilator is a TEACHER of the Venue School! It has not mentioned ASST TEACHER, the actual designation of teaching staff of a school. The CIRCULAR mentions TEACHER (in my opinion - PARA TEACHERs/ CONTACTTEACHERs are also TEACHERs of the Venue school)

In my opinion there is nothing in the " DETAILED GUIDLINES FOR CONDUCTING HIGHER SECONDARY EXAM 2012" bearing memo no.  DS(EXam)/45/11 dated 13-10-11 for which a PARA TEACHER / CONTACT TEACHER could  be deprived of his invigilation duty

For MP Exam PARA TAECHERS are specifically kept out of such duty. 

Do you agree?????