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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Admission in PrePrimary Classes in Primary schools

Govt has published G.O. to admit students of age 5+ to 6- in primary schools.
"However children who have completed any class at a lesser age in the same school may be allowed to proceed to the next class."

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PLEASE NOTE: A confusion has been raised in case of s student who are already studying in any class with lesser age as mentioned in this G.O. and wishing to get admission in next class in other school. Please note this order is applicable for those students who come under the purview of RTE that is who want to get admission as first admission in any school. This order has been issued in the context of RTE 2009.

Please do not harass/prevent students with lesser age to continue their studies in next class. 

This clarification is being noted on receiving so many queries on the matter. One may approach the Education Department Bikash Bahvan,(5th Floor) Kolkata - 91 to justify this.