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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Documents required for Hearing for Mutual Transfer at CSSC

Teachers who apllied for Mutual Tranfer have to bring with the following documents with them while attending the Hearing.

  1. SSC Recommendation letter, if recommended for appointment by SSC.
  2. Appointment Letter offered by the Secretary of School
  3. Joining Report
  4. Approval of Appointment
  5. Hearing Letter

ATTESTED PHOTOCOPIES of all of the above documents shall be brought.


  1. Seal of Head of Institution / Secretary / Administrator ( depending on who is going to attend the hearing - ANY ONE CAN ATTEND)
  2. Hearing Letter
  3. If no one of HM/Secretary could attend the hearing, ORIGINAL authorization letter must be sent along with the Seal of the post.

** It is desirable to keep with them the original PRIOR PERMISSION COPY AGAINST the vacancy in which the incumbent is appointed **


  1. Arrive at CSSC office not before the time alloted for you - mentioned in the hearing letter.
  2. Wait for your names being announced through public address system
  3. Meet the official at the table to verify your documents and signed on the Draft Hearing sheet.
  4. Then move to upstairs for hearing while asked by the personnel.
  5. Do not gather in front of the front table.
  6. Leave the office as soon as your hearing is over.
  7. Do not allow your relatives to sit at the chairs kept
  8. Switch off your Mobile while entering before the Hearing Committee.